Steps to reset a Schneider Electric/Modicon PLC to Factory Setting via Ecostruxure Control Expert (Unity Pro)

The M580 and M340 can be reset to Factory setting using Unity Pro software, there are a few simple steps to reset the controller to factory settings.

From an open Ecostruxure Control Expert or Unity Pro, open a project or create a new one.

First you will need to connect to the PAC by USB or Ethernet. Choose the PLC menu and Set Address.


Choose either to connect via TCPIP.


Or connect via USB


Upon successful connection, you are informed. Click on OK.


Go to the PLC menu and Connect.


In Control Expert/Unity Pro, go to the PLC menu and choose Transfer Project to PLC.


Choose to Transfer the project to the controller.


Confirm stoppage of the project, click OK.


During the Project Transfer, unplug the Ethernet or USB connection. You will see failed on retry messages on the Project Transfer thermometer.


Next, you will be alerted that communication failed and that you are automatically returned to offline mode. Click on OK for both prompts.


Reconnect the cable go to the PLC menu and Connect.


The status bar indicates that there is NO CONF in the controller.


Click on PLC menu -> Project Backup -> Backup Clear


Click Ok button on the warning message "Potential content of the Backup zone will be erased Do you confirm?"


Restart/power cycle the PLC.

For further information or Technical Support on Schneider Electric control products, you can contact 1-888-266-8705 or online or Schneider Portal

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