Performing a Firmware Update on m340 & m580 via Unity Loader Software


A walk through on performing a firmware update to a m340 or m580 controller via universal serial bus connection.

Required Hardware & Software

  • 5 pin USB mini B port with either a BMXXCAUSBH018 (1.8m) or BMXXCAUSBH045 (4.5m)
  • Operational m340 or m580 hardware (power supply, rack, CPU)
  • Unity Loader software
  • Web access to search for and download the latest firmware files & Unity Loader

Images from & Unity Loader V12.00

Firmware Updates are accomplished on the m340 and m580 via a tool called Unity Loader. At the time of writing this, the latest version of Unity Loader is V12.0 . Schneider provides an ISO file on their website which is a disk image file. For more information on mounting an ISO image, see this link.

Connect to the 5 pin USB mini B port with either a BMXXCAUSBH018 (1.8m) or BMXXCAUSBH045 (4.5m). Go to the Schneider Electric website and do a search for the CPU you intend to update. Look for a listing in the search results with a “SV#.##”. Download and save the *.7z (7z is a type of compressed zip file) file
to your local hard drive.


Launch Unity Loader by going to Start -> All Programs -> Schneider Electric -> SoCollaborative ->
Unity Loader -> UnityLoader.exe


You are presented with the Unity Loader 12.0 graphical user interface. Choose the Firmware tab.


With the m340 or m580 powered up and the USB cable connected to both your PC and the controller, set Media to USB and click on Connect.


Note the color change on the left column and the fact that the connect button is now greyed out but the disconnect is now selectable, this is telling you what is connected. Click the elipse (...) to navigate to the location you extracted your compressed firmware files. Note the current versions in the CPU.


Navigate to and choose your *.LDX file by double clicking on it.


You will now see the software pointing to the location of the *.LDX file and the version that is on the connected device. Click on the Transfer button.


Review the Security Advice prompt and then select Yes to continue. 


You will be shown a progress bar indicating the status of the upgrade. 


Once the upgrade is completed, you will see the thermometer bar full and an option to Close.


Upon successful completion of the Transfer & you have selected Close to the Transfer Data to PLC screen, you will now see the updates versions on the right side of the Unity Loader 12.0 window. Click Disconnect to end the Unity Loader 12.0 session.


Please remember to power cycle the hardware at the end of this process for the new firmware to take effect.
For further information or Technical Support on Schneider Electric control products, you can contact 1-
888-266-8705 or online or Schneider Portal.

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