Installation of Ecostruxure Machine Expert v1.1


A brief overview of new Ecostruxure Machine Expert installation. The Machine Expert installation is now run off a downloader that will either download from the Schneider servers or you can download the files to your pc and point the installer to the files locally.


Screenshots are from the Ecostructure Machine Expert V1.1 downloader, ProductList.sepl install files and the Ecostruxure Control Expert v1.1 initial launch sequence.

Visit the Schneider Electric Canada website and look for the Machine Expert Installer - setup download file and save it to your PC.

Open the Ecostructure Machine Expert V1.1 downloader folder & execute the MachineExpertInstaller-
11.19.16801-Setup folder.

Choose the installer language with the dropdown and select OK.

photo 1

Select Next on the Welcome screen.

photo 2

Accept the terms in the License Agreement and select Next.

photo 3

Select Install, this exercise is to initialize the installer.

Photo 4

Select Finish and the installer should automatically launch.

photo 5

Once the installer screen has launched, select the Install new Software option.

photo 6

You have the choice to run the installer from the Schneider servers or to have downloaded the installer files to run Iocally. In this write-up we have downIoad ed the installer fiIes to in stall locally.  Change the source to Browse From Local/Network Folder and a Windows dialog box will appear to navigate to your

photo 7

Navigate to your downloaded Ecostruxure Machine Expert V1.1 Demo 41 day offline version directory, highlight the ProductList.sepl and select Open.

photo 8

Select Next.

photo 9

Choose your default Language and click on Next.

photo 10

Choose your Component options that you wish to install and then, choose Start lnstallation/Uninstallation.

photo 11

Accept the terms in the License Agreement and select Start Installation.

photo 12

You will see the progress of the installation in the install dialog.

photo 13

Once the thermometers on the install dialog are at 100%, you may select Next.

photo 15

Choose to Launch Software & or Open Release Notes (to see new features/open issues/system requirements etc).

photo 16

Once the Launch Software is selected, you are presented with an informational prompt to that the install application will close once the Machine Expert is launched. Click on OK.

Photo 17

On the first launch, you are asked what DTM you want to scan and import for use. Select the DTM(s) of choice and select Import selected DTMs...

Photo 18

You will be presented with a dialog showing status of DTM Install.

Photo 19

This concludes the notes on the Ecostructure Machine Expert V1.1 install.

For further information or Technical Support on Schneider Electric control products. With your support contract details, you can contact 1-888-266-8705 or online or Schneider Portal

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