How to Import Unity Pro Project Variables Into Vijeo Designer

This document is designed to assist you with exporting the variables from a Unity Pro PLC project and importing them for use into a new Vijeo Designer project. Software Version used in the project are Unity
Pro XL v13.1 – 180823C & Vijeo Designer v6.2.5.36 SP 5 36-34.

Required Software

  • Unity Pro
  • Vijeo Designer

Screenshots are from Unity Pro XL v13.1 – 180823C & Vijeo Designer v6.2.5.36 SP 5 36-34

From Unity Pro, export variables in *.XVM file format, for example "export.XVM". Ensure that you have recent Build on your Unity Pro project. Right click on Variables and FB instances and choose Export.


Choose a location, name for the File name: and set the Save as type: to *.XVM. Click on Export.


Launch Vijeo Designer 6.2


Follow the dialog windows accordingly. Choose Create new Project and click on Next.


Assign a Project Name and click on Next.


Assign a Target Name, Target Type and Model. Click on Next.


Make a choice whether to complete Target Setup or Enable Audit trails (this can be configured later). Click on Next.


Add Equipment List is desired (this will be configured later). Click on Finish. 


In the Navigator window's Project tab, right click the I/O Manager node and choose New Driver to configure the PLC equipment. 


Choose the Schneider Electric Industries SAS as the Manufacturer, choose Modbus TCP/IP for the Driver and the Modbus Equipment option in Equipment. Click on OK.


Configure the Equipment Address fields and click on OK.


Right-click the Variables node and click Link Variables.


In the Link Variables dialog navigate to the location you had saved the Unity Pro *.XVM. Set the Files of type to *.XVM. Click on the *.XVM on Open.


Processing the symbols can take some time.


Either choose Select All or individually select the variables to import. Be aware the equipment folder has a capacity for 2000 new elements. 

You may filter the selection by BOOL, REAL, INT & STRING:


Choose your filter if more than 2000 elements, choose your Create As and click on Add.


You will be prompted to confirm your variable creation. Click on Yes.


When creation is complete you will be presented with the New Variables From Equipment dialog will show the created variables greyed out. You can then re-filter, re-select and re-create more additional variables. Click on Close when you are finished creating your New Variables From Equipment.


If there are conflicts on creation, you will be notified. Take note of the exceptions and refer to the help files or contact Technical Support. Click on Close.


You will see the created variables in your Variable Editor.


For further information or Technical Support on Schneider Electric, you can contact 1-888-266-8705 or
online or Schneider Portal

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