Case Study: Buropro Citation’s Lighting Project



The Buropro Citation project is an office supply store located in a shopping mall in Drummondville, in central Quebec. The store offers a one-stop concept in which they sell different products such as office furniture, crafting material and computer accessories.

Guillevin was part of the success of this project by distributing the electrical and lighting products to Buropro Citation as part of their relocation project to this shopping mall. Buropro Citation’s desire to modernize their store and become a leader in their industry was definitely attained with this strategic collaboration between Guillevin, Cooper Lighting Solutions and Buropro Citation.


Guillevin collaborated with one of its well-established lighting suppliers, Cooper Lighting Solutions to select the best products and create sophisticated lighting while respecting the customer’s budget. Nearly 600 lighting units were installed for different uses such as the displays, the offices and exterior lighting.

Cooper Lighting Products:

For the store space, recessed fixtures Halo - HLB were installed on the red displays to highlight key products in the store. In the shopping space, Metalux—HBLED fixtures were chosen for the high ceilings to create a diffused lighting effect and direct traffic through the whole store. For exterior lighting, the team selected Cooper Lighting Solutions’ Lanterra line of products to create a contemporary effect for the critical first impression.

In the office area, the team suggested a combination of lighting that creates a stimulating work environment and favours concentration. For that very purpose, they selected the Halo—RL56 and Metalux—Encounter Series fixtures in the conference room. In the warehouse, Metalux VHBLED fixtures were installed to generate efficient lighting for the employees.

Guillevin’s Services Throughout the Project:

From the beginning of the project, Buropro Citation’s contractor was supported by one of Guillevin’s Project Managers. From the elaboration of the clients needs, to the creation of the approval drawings, Guillevin partnered with Buropro Citation’s contractor to propose a modern design. The Project Manager appointed by Guillevin made sure the approval drawings were submitted and approved by the customer.

Guillevin’s team monitored the contractors’ renovation phases to deliver the material they needed at the right time. They also updated material orders as needed. Therefore, the project manager coordinated the material releases with the contractor and with manufacturers to meet deadlines.

Guillevin provided a turnkey solution to the contractor for the management of their project, their electrical supply and a timely delivery. Keeping in mind the company's primary goal of establishing itself as a leader in their new location, Guillevin and Cooper Lighting Solutions cooperated to create a design that distinguishes Buropro Citation from its competitors and establishes it as a modern store in this shopping centre.

Shop the Products used in this project:

Store Space:

Red display: Halo - HLB

Shopping space fixture: Metalux—HBLED

Office Lighting:

Fixture led troffer: Metalux—Encounter Series

Recessed lighting: Halo—RL56


Warehouse fixtures: Metalux—VHBLED

Exterior Lighting:

 Wall Fixture: Lanterra

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